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Why did you start making masks?

I've always been a nerd and when this pandemic hit I wanted to make sure I could help. When I heard Governor Cuomo ask "If you have a 3D printer turn it on and start making masks," I realized this was the way I could help.

How long do you plan on making them?

As long as there is a need for the Personal Protective Equipment I will continue making whatever I can!


About the 3D Printers

How does the 3D printer work?

The printer melts a plastic filament and lays that down layer by layer to form the object. The 3D printers we are using can be found HERE.

What is the difference in filament?

One type is a regular PLA plastic, the other type is still a PLA but a Copper 3D for use in implants and prosthetics and has a small amount of copper to kill bacterias and viruses. You can read more about that HERE.

3D Printer.png

About the Masks

How did you find the mask template?

When Governor Cuomo was talking about turning on the 3D printers, he mentioned a doctor out of Montana who had designed his own mask. I was able to find the doctor and he had all the files that were needed and a link to the surgical grade filters that his model used.

How long does each mask take to print?

Depending on the size of the mask (children's, medium or large) the masks can take between 3.5 and 5.5 hours apiece.

Are these N95 masks?

No, they are not N95 masks. Although some masks have antimicrobial properties, they are not considered to be N95 masks. The most important thing about the N95 mask is the material. The filters we use are surgical-grade but not N95 grade. It is best to leave the N95 masks to the doctors who need them the most. We are trying to provide masks for everyone else that would be adequate for most uses.

Are they washable or reusbale?

Absolutely! That is one of the best things about these masks! Although the Copper 3D filament states that it can kill bacteria and viruses, both can be washed with soap and water to be ready for another use.

PLACTIVE Filament.png

How Can I Order or Donate?

How can I order masks?

You can order masks through our website. We are currently taking small orders of 5 masks or less but hope to be producing mass quantities soon. If you have an order of more than 5 masks please call 763-412-9455 to verify we have the quantity you need. We make the checkout process as easy as possible and accept PayPal payments!

How can I donate to help with the masks?

This is a great question because we could definitely use all the help we can get! With donations we are able to provide more filament to make more masks, more printers to be able to produce faster, and our ultimate goal is to be able to lower the cost of the masks for the consumers. Please consider donating HERE - every donation helps! Thank you!

Thank you!

Jake Shoulak & Michelle Allegrezza

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